Créative Next Challenge – France

August 31, 2016 - Europe
Créative Next Challenge – France

Créative Next Challenge – France


Créative France is the story of accentuating the ‘creative’, both literally and figuratively.
It’s the story of a different approach, of the spark ignited by phrases and by words and images. It’s the story of an airliner that gains a second deck, of a coding school that becomes a nexus for learning, of a pastry that is coveted like a precious jewel.
It’s the story of a strong visual identity that is at once bold, elegant, prominent, modern, dynamic, surprising, flexible and unifying.
It’s the story of a creative, unconventional campaign that highlights our country’s full range of strengths, skills and savoir-faire. And for good reason – France is at the forefront of technology, design, industry and education, to name but a few sectors.
It’s the story of France today: solid fundamentals enhanced by an outstanding ability to innovate and a constant push to break new ground. Equal parts playful and serious-minded, France bucks convention while reaching for the top.
France has appeal… and creativity!


This competition will put the spotlight on France’s most innovative entrepreneurs abroad in the United States of America.

To enter this unique competition, tell the story of your company’s evolution and you could become the new face of Créative France.

From July 14th to September 16th 2016, make a short video, picture or presentation to show how your business model is both creative and groundbreaking.

Explain to online viewers and the jury how your company is disrupting the US market and how it embodies the values of Créative France abroad.

Post your contribution on Twitter with the dedicated #CreativeNextUS hashtag and gather as much support as you can from your social media audience to give yourself the best chance of being one of the finalists in your country.

The laureate will be chosen by the end of September 2016 and serve as the inspiration for a new Créative France visual.

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